Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Prepping for the Party

Oh goodness! Only one more day until I'll be at the Opening Night Party of the Winter Antiques Show!! I've been to the Winter Antiques Show somewhere around five times now- always a treat as the art and antiques are the very best in the world, and that is not hyperbole. It's the pinnacle of the entire antiquing year. I've even been to the Opening Night Party three times- though I was there working, on the selling side, not the attending side. This is the first time EVER I've gotten to actually attend the party and thoroughly take it all in! I'm beyond excited! Look at all these exclamation points!!!!!
         Two weeks ago I bought a dress at Nordstrom for the party - which is fancy/cocktail- but it never sat right with me. I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong with the dress, just not quite what I wanted. So then I bought a second dress from Nordstrom, ordered it online, and it was HILARIOUS when it arrived. You know what Shirley Temple wears when she's singing 'Good Ship Lollipop'? It's that dress, but in blue. Whoops.

         Last night, in desperation I went to TJMaxx thinking maybe I could find something there. They had about four dresses total, and all were awful. Finally, as a last ditch hope I wandered into the Goodwill. JACKPOT. I found the perfect dress. It's green, my favorite color, it fits like a dream, it's fun and playful and fancy but not too fancy, and I think I can wear it for other occasions too, AND it was $6. Which, the Nordstrom dresses were $146 and $96 respectively, I'll be returning them both tonight. Not only did I find the perfect dress for the Opening Night Party, I found another perfect dress to wear for the lecture I'm giving at the end of April in Ohio. Score!!

          None of this is surprising. Of course I'm more comfortable is a budget friendly secondhand dress. To thine own self be true, eh?

           I bought the shoes I'm wearing to the party at DSW last week for $8.50. They were marked down 80%. The necklace is vintage costume jewelry, a $1 flea market find that looks so smashing with the dress, and the bag, well I'm still trying to decide whether to bring a gold bag I found at the goodwill years ago and never used, or a vintage clutch that's a flea market find- both were $5 when I bought them.

            So that means I'll be schmoozing with movie stars, academics, and Manhattan's elite in an outfit that cost a grand total of $20.50. That's how we do it!

          Probably no one will be looking at me, or my outfit, or how killer I look in said outfit (I've been hitting the gym and living on cereal and irritation for weeeeeeeks). Everyone will be looking at the amazing antiques that pack every single booth of this singularly incredible show.
My dear friend David Schorsch, who puts together a spectacular booth for the show every year, has been posting teaser pictures on his Facebook page, and they're making me batty with anticipation!

          If you want to follow along with the fun tomorrow- I'll be live tweeting the entire experience from the train ride to the city, to trying to figure out how to do my makeup so I don't look like a gutter troll, to all the spectacular objects at the show, and the drinks, and the yummy foods, and all the famous people I meet. My twitter is here ---->

          When I get home on Saturday I'll also be putting together a blog post chock full of photos of all the gorgeous antiques I spot while touring the show!

If you're anywhere in the Northeast, or don't mind a bit of travel- The Winter Antiques Show runs from Friday Jan. 20th through Sunday Jan. 29th at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan. It's a wonderful and worthy way to spend a winter day!
Check out their website here for more details!

This is what I'm wearing tomorrow night!!

plan B vintage flea market find clutch. 

Taken from inside my changing room at the goodwill- I'm all about these easy colorful dresses!

Some of the amazing teaser close-ups my friend David Schorsch has been sharing in the lead up to tomorrow night's Opening Night Party at the Winter Antiques Show
You can see more of his amazing objects here!
And finally- to whet your appetite (and mine!) here are some of the incredible antiques I saw at last year's Winter Antiques Show!


  1. Go with the little gold bag for sure. I just found a like new, navy lambskin leather coat at my local go-to thrift store for $8. Love it!

  2. Love that dress, the gold clutch and the shoes! You made out like a bandit getting everything for that price. Hope you have a great time!