Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Vintage Cedar Armoire in Coral

This was suuuuuch a fun project! I've refinished a few armoires over the years, but they've always been on the plain side, and certainly not solid cedar, or blessed with the flirty Art Deco lines of this c.1940 beauty. The piece belongs to a favorite client of mine who has a spectacular 1920s Colonial in West Hartford. It's one of those houses that just inspires you, and it inspired her to have me refinish this vintage piece in a playful shade of coral. As we discussed the final plans for the piece I suggested we add just a wee bit of decorative painting to the doors, because it's a BIG piece of furniture, and when you stand right in front of it, there's lots of unembellished flat surfaces staring back at you. We agreed on a stripe of taupe with interior knots to give the piece even more pizazz. But it's the color that wins the day here. I just adore this shade of coral.

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