Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Vintage Sideboard in Blue

I don't want to get ahead of myself. And I don't want to get too giddy, but today I've eaten a grand total of one bowl of crispix and twelve almonds, and just now sipper my way through two glasses of wine... so yea, GIDDY.
         I think *think*, all those big crazy dreams, well, I might be making a bit of progress. Just a wee bit. So since I'm tipsy on a Thursday when there's something very important but also secret tomorrow that I really should be Plymouth Deacon Sober for, this post might be a bit shaky. AND SILLY. But I swear, solemnly, that if I ever get anywhere with all this Heir and Space business, I'm going to spend it all on beautiful antiques and donations to museums, and puppies. There should definitely be lots of puppies. But puppies and antiques is a baaaaad combo, so we'll all need to work the logistics out ahead of time.
           Anywhoozle. Here's this great mid 20th century (I'd say right around 1965) Drexel sideboard that I scored at the goodwill last week. I've refinished it custom for a new client who I can already tell I'm going to be fond of. We went with a shade of deep rich blue, the original hardware, and a dark stain on the fruitwood top (pecan, I suspect).


  1. OMFG!! Awesome! Total ❤here

  2. OMG beautiful shade of blue! I hope you write down all your colors, because I have various projects of yours saved via color for when I can have you do a bureau.