Tuesday, January 10, 2017

An Empire Table in Pale Green

For me!! I refinished this sweet little table for myself- a rare treat I hardly ever allow! I spotted this stunning little work table on craigslist last weekend, and last Monday I drove almost 45 minutes each way to pick it up from a storage locker. God knows I don't need another piece of furniture in my house, but this one was irresistible. I love Empire, and I love work tables, and I love the round pedestal on scrolled foot base- so funky. It's a mass produced piece, so at the very VERY end of the empire phase (1830-1920) and I would date it to right around 1910. It still has a little antique mother of pearl button in one of the little divided drawer interiors.

        The top was a hot mess when I got it, and I took a picture of it because I was so excited to transform it...and then I somehow managed to delete the 'before' picture of the top. crap. So you'll have to use your imagination- picture a dumpster fire that's been doused with swamp water. That's about the vibe the top had. I sanded it and thank goodness all the water stains and scratches came out. It's birch, which is a wood I so rarely see in furniture, and was a delight to work with.

        I painted the base in a favorite custom mixed shade of pale earthy green. I think I'm going to put it in my guest room, though something is going to have to get bumped to make room for it!

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