Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Vintage Maple Cupboard in Gray

Last night I was the DD so I'm not in the least hungover today (it's almost 2pm and my poor husband is just now hauling himself out of bed!). Though I'm a gal who loves a stiff drink or three, I don't like rolling into the New Year drunk off my kettle, it just seems to bode ill for the year ahead. Today's been a dynamite day. I got up, cleaned the whole house, worked in my workshop to finish this sweet sideboard up, and after I post this, I'm going to go for a nice long jog as it's quite lovely out! If I'm really on the mark, I might even manage to get some laundry done today, though don't hold your breath.
         I picked up this handsome vintage maple sideboard by Bassett at the goodwill last week. They were having a post Christmas sale, and everything in the store, including the furniture was half off! The guy that does the furniture pricing at my local goodwill is kind of a buffoon and prices things about ten times higher than they should be, and then they just sit and sit and sit, cause no one's paying $400 for a coffee table at the goodwill!! Luckily this maple sideboard had been marked down a couple times already, and then with the 50% discount it was finally within a reasonable price range for flipping.
         I refinished the scratched and marred top and painted the case in Benjamin Moore's Iced Slate. I lightly distressed the case and sealed it with dark wax. For a bit of fun I painted the interior in a nice bold shade of teal. I swapped the clunky vintage pulls out for more refined salvaged brass ones, thought I kept the fantastic pierced hinges. Finally I staged the piece with an antique rocking horse I bought off craigslist years ago. At some point someone attempted to refinish it, they got as far as stripping the paint and gave up. Now it's eerie and beautiful and sculptural. I don't like to keep it in the house because I always feel like the glass eyes are watching me, and I'm terrified that some time in the dead of night I'm going to wake up to see it slowly crawling across my bedroom floor towards the bed...So it lives in my workshop, where it can't as easily steal my soul.


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