Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lovely Little Things

I work on a lot of big pieces of furniture; massive hutches, giant suites of bedroom furniture, armoires that could fit three of me standing side by side. I like the big pieces, they have a lot of impact. They're more challenging, but also more satisfying when finally completed. That being said, it's nice to take a break from the giants of the furniture world from time to time. This set of three little tables was just such a pleasant break. 
           I finished all three custom for the same client. The Federal side table and rolling cart both came from Carl the Furniture guy, and the client brought me the shelf to refinish. We went with a deep Navy, one of my favorite custom shades - Essex Blue- for the bin shelf and table, and a deep dramatic teal for the rolling cart. I was so inspired by the color palette that I painted a silly ocean-y acrylic on canvas on Thursday night, with the express purpose of using it to stage when I photographed the set. I added pieces of vintage and antique glass from my personal collection to further highlight the coastal cool colors!
          Now I'm off to the ReStore to pick up yet more furniture (though good gravy my workshop is already packed)!!. 

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