Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Vintage Cherry Hutch in Butterscotch and Brass

If you're paying super close attention, you've already seen this hutch refinished once before. I painted it late last fall, and it got aaaaaabsolutely no attention, which is practically criminal- It's solid cherry, made by Temple Stuart c.1960, absolutely flawless. I suspect my initial pictures weren't very good, and I originally had the pulls in a bright pewter that I don't think any of us were really feeling.
       Today I changed up the color of the hardware, re-staged it, and re-photographed. Let's see if we can find this sweet piece a new home!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kate,

    I compared these photos against your Dec. 1, 2016 photos and concluded the painted hardware works well. The hardware blends in nicely with the cabinet. And, the new staging makes the eye linger longer on this wonderful piece.

    My good friend, Helen Boule, introduced me to your blog this past September while visiting me in PA. (In my past life, I lived in Lebanon, CT, so I'm very familiar with Colchester). Anywhoo, your blog and your sense of style with both furniture and clothing inspire me. Your blog is a daily "must-read" for me.

    How about posting a pic of you in that fab dress you purchased for your recent NYC trip?

    Keep up the good work!!

    Sincerely, Turkeycatsmom (a.k.a. Rosemary Blaszuk)