Friday, March 11, 2016

A Vintage Mahogany Dresser Turned Kitchen Island

How about a break from hutches for a little bit. I feel like I've had them coming out my ears lately!
This piece was a custom project for a client. She spotted the vintage c.1940s Queen Anne style mahogany dresser on craigslist and asked if I thought it would be a good candidate to be turned into a kitchen island. I said it certainly was, and she brought it up to me for its transformation. I added a poplar top with generous overhang on the back to accommodate barstools, and removed two poorly working drawers to create open shelving. I filled the holes from the old drawer pull holes and swapped the vintage pulls for softly burnished nickel cup pulls. I painted the case in a custom mixed teal that I've named 'Copper Kettle', and is inspired by the color of that very kettle sitting on the island. I finished the case on all four sides and added a bit of molding to the sides and base of the back to give it a finished look.

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