Friday, March 11, 2016

A Vintage Cherry Dresser in Salmon

Now this is a color I can honestly say I've never ever used before! I've been working in a lot of sea glass shades of blue and green lately, and so it was especially refreshing to paint a piece in a bold salmon red. The color is inspired by the cheeky salmon colored front door of an 18th century house near the center of Middletown, CT. I was stopped at the intersection waiting for the light to turn and BAM I saw that color and knew I wanted to do a piece in it. I selected this lovely vintage solid cherry sideboard for the new color since it's classic quiet lines naturally lend themselves to a slightly more outrageous color scheme. This piece might be boring in white or black, but in salmon? Sublime.

     I swapped the drawer pulls out for antique bail brass pulls I bought last weekend while out antiquing. The drop pulls on the doors are also antique, salvaged from a late 19th century desk. I painted the interior in a soft white, refinished the top, distressed, and dark waxed. I had some hesitation about using such a bright color but I could not be happier with how this piece turned out!

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