Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Vintage Hutch in Spring Green

Last night I heard the peepers for the first time this year. For those of you who aren't New Englanders, peepers are the sweet singing frogs that populate our woods and bogs. They sing at the first sign of spring, and keep singing, often crescendoing into a maddening racket in the summer, and finally peter off in mid October. I always forget about them until one magical evening when it's been lovely warm I'll hear the first few peeps from the wetland that's five houses up, and then there's this wonderful thrill, spring SPRING!
         I picked this vintage two piece hutch up last week and worked at it at a ferocious clip. I sold my own stepback cupboard and delivered it on sunday, which means all my glassware is stacked unceremoniously across the entire dining room table. I needed a replacement, and fast. I spotted this hutch and knew it would be just the ticket. I sold my other one because it didn't offer enough storage for my growing glass collection, and being a bright blue green, it didn't look terrific against my newly painted tan walls.
          I painted the interior of the hutch in a thick cream with a hint of pink to it, and the exterior is a custom mixed spring green, fresh and vibrant. I started with a darker more intense shade of chartreuse for the first coat, and then cut the color back with white for the next two coats, so the deeper shade would come through with distressing. I used vintage brass hardware recolored in a bright shade of verdigris for a playful pop of color. Finally, the piece had originally come with glass shelves. I hate glass shelves, so I replaced them with pine. Hopefully I can get my husband to help me carry it inside this morning. I'm dying to see how it looks in situ.

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  1. Another lovely redo, the green of Spring:) I love the peepers too, when I hear them it always makes me smile. Happy Spring!