Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Vintage Drexel Sideboard in Deep Green

Furniture refinishing is cyclical in all aspects. I've found that I'll have a rush of clients, and then business will taper off, and then another rush of clients. The ebb and flow as been as reliable as the tide on a bi-weekly cycle since I started painting years and years ago. Interestingly, the flow of fresh goods follows the same schedule. Just as soon as I've sold every stick of wood in my inventory I cannot find anything good or new to refinish. And then suddenly there's an avalanche of wonderful objects, and my workshop is packed to the rafters once more. So last week my workshop was all but empty, and I went off in search of something new to paint. I hit up three antiques stores, and was heading home empty handed and more than a bit discouraged when I spotted a new consignment shop several towns over. I zipped in and found this vintage Drexel sideboard in a corner. It was in wretched condition and not exactly a great buy, but I love love love this form, both in sideboards and in china hutches. The oxidation on the original oval Federal brasses sealed the deal for me.

The mahogany top looked atrocious and there were several places I needed to patch and sand on the case before painting, but the drawers and doors worked perfectly, and the structure was good and sound. Surface work is a cake walk compared to re-working ill fitting or warped drawers. I painted the case in a custom mixed color, Juniper, that I had used on a side table last week. I liked it so well that I thought it would be perfect for the sideboard, and compliment the subtle green patina of the brass pulls perfectly. Playing off the shades of verdigris further, I painted the interior in a custom pale mint called Weathered Copper.

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  1. Stunning! I love the colors and the shape of this piece. What was nearly trash is a real treasure now.