Monday, March 21, 2016

A Vintage Dresser Set in Deep Blue

This was a big project I've been working on custom for a very nice client over the last two weeks. The vintage dresser set is about twenty years old, made by Lea Furniture Company. Sadly, it was mostly composite, as is typical of furniture made in the last twenty years. Luckily, it had been carefully cared for, and wasn't in nearly as bad condition as most composite furniture is after a few years of use. I had to rework a handful of drawer runners that had come unattached, and reglued a couple of drawers. The tops of the dressers didn't even have veneer on top, and so had started to bubble up in places. To solve that problem I went right over the top with pine boards, so the owners would have nice reliable solid wood tops. The client selected a deep rich blue for the cases, a custom color called 'Deep End' that was my most popular color in 2015. And we went with brass knobs for the pulls. The brass knobs looked wicked sharp against the blue, like the brass buttons on a smart uniform coat. I very lightly distressed the cases and then sealed the painted surfaces with dark wax. The set is already back in their home as I write this.

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