Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Vintage Hutch in Mint Green

I purchased this hutch out in Cheshire, CT two weeks ago from a very nice lady. It got lots of attention on my Facebook page when I posted the 'before' picture and offered it for custom refinishing, but I was so anxious to start on it, that I only waited about six hours before I started slapping it around with my paint brush. And then that evening a client approached me about refinishing the piece custom. I explained that I'd already gotten one coat on the outside and inside, but that I could still do it in any colors she wanted. But when I told her I had painted the exterior mint, and the interior cream, she liked the idea, and so I got to carry on with my initial plan. And I was wicked pleased about that. I really really wanted to paint this sucker mint green, from the moment I saw it!
       The mint is a custom color (of course) which I've named 'Julep' and the interior is a cream with just a bit of warmth to it. I distressed the case and sealed it with dark wax.

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