Monday, March 21, 2016

A Vintage Hutch in Blue and Mocha

This was a fun custom project for a client who happens to be the sister of our next door neighbor. She had a vintage hutch that she was quite sick of and really wanted to update. When she saw this hutch that I did a few weeks ago, she knew it was just the look she wanted for her own piece. When she brought it to me to be refinished about a week ago I discovered that it was mostly composite, and off coincidence since I was working on another composite set at the same time. Of all the furniture I refinish these are the only two composite pieces I've ever done (as I try to avoid working with it), so it's pretty funny that I ended up doing both simultaneously. In order to have a solid wood top, I applied real wood right over the top of the pre-existing faux wood top, because there's no sanding or staining composite. It just disintegrates like the wood pulp it is. I painted the case in the same pretty soft blue as the inspiration hutch, and painted the interior in a rich mocha. I swapped the drawer pulls out for soft aged nickel cup pulls and knobs that perfectly match the frame work of the lovely leaded glass windows, I distressed the case and sealed it with dark wax.

1 comment:

  1. The blue looks wonderful. It looked so heavy in that dark stain. xoxo Su