Monday, November 23, 2015

An Antique Maple Stepback Cupboard

Funny thing about this sweet antique cupboard, when I purchased it I was told in no uncertain terms that it was not old, as in basically new. I was immediately suspicious of that claim. I could clearly see oxidation on the undersides of the drawers, and the construction and materials-solid maple- didn't at all seem recent. Finally, it was painted in a bright red oil paint, over the maple, and I could tell that wasn't original to the piece. If it was basically new, who would have bothered to paint it so recently, and in such a dated style.
             Once I got started on the piece I found the original furniture maker's label on the inside of the top drawer- "Leaven's Furniture Specialists, Boston".  Leaven's shut its doors shortly before WWII and was in it's heyday between about 1910 and 1925, so finally proof positive, this is indeed an antique.
              I painted the case in a custom mixed bright celery green, and the backboard in another custom color, Frosty Morning. I distressed the case because I liked the way the earlier red peeked through, swapped out the white enamel pulls for salvaged antique turned knobs, and the sealed the case in dark wax. I fully sanded the top of the lower section, which took foooooorever, but was absolutely worth it. A glorious slab of maple was hiding beneath that thick red paint.

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  1. This looks amazing. You always bring these old pieces back to life :)