Monday, November 9, 2015

An Antique Hutch from the Goodwill

Friday I delivered a hutch down to a client in Bridgeport. She doesn't actually live in Bridgeport, but had taken the ferry over from Long Island to meet me on the Connecticut side. It was fun, we got to have a shady transaction in an empty parking lot next to the train trestle.
        On the way down to the delivery I zipped into the goodwill to see if they hand any furniture that merit refinishing. I spotted this handsome antique Art Deco walnut hutch straight away and snapped it right up. Or well, paid for it. I had to actually deliver the nearly identical hutch down to the client before I had room in my truck for the new one. It's been raining hutches lately.
         I painted this piece in a bright custom mixed blue with a custom mixed cream interior. I liked the original brass drawer pulls but felt they were just a hair diminutive for the gutsy oversized drawer, so I replaced them with second period oval Federal brasses colored in white. I distressed the case lightly and sealed with dark wax.

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