Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Sweet Victorian Desk

One of my friends tipped me off to this wonderful antique Victorian solid oak writing desk c.1880. It was for sale in town, and cute as a button- how could I say no?!

      I vacillated on the color for almost a week. First I tried a deep emerald green but it was too bold. Then I tried a tan but didn't care for that either. I finally came around to this wonderful custom mixed antique mint called 'Garden Moss'. The interior and backboard are in possibly my new favorite color ever, a creamy off white I've named 'French Vanilla'. I added shelves as they had been lost over the last hundred years. The original stamped brass pulls are some of the best I've come across in years, so of course I kept them. I had a salvaged stamped brass victorian escutcheon plate removed from another piece, so I added that and a matching knob to the lid. It's fresh as a daisy and ready for a new home!

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