Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Handmade Work Bench Turned Kitchen Island

Ah, you know how I love to turn work benches into kitchen islands. Each one is so unique if nothing else but because each was hand made by a craftsman to suit his or her own needs. I purchased this vintage pine work bench at a local church tag sale. Clearly the maker needed lots and lots of storage, because this thing is big, and could easily store everything (...slight hyperbole). Can you tell that I worked on this island at the same time as the china cabinet I just showed you? The colors are allllmost mirror images, though actually they are four unique custom mixed shades.
      I used a warm creamy mocha for the exterior of the island, sealed, and then finished with dark wax. The interior is a smoky duck egg blue that reads as a gray in some lights. I swapped out the hilarious square knobs (hello 70s!) for a matched pair of early 19th century turned knobs in their original finish that I've been saving for a special project. And of course, I added a pine top, because who among us hasn't wished for more counter space!



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