Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Sideboard Cinderella Story

        I suspect at one point or another in everyone's life one owns a large c.1973 pine sideboard. Their signature call signs include:
 weight- approx. 9 tons, color- darkest sticky yucky shellac, style- tacky grandma.

       I've refinished around fifteen of these, and I love them all. You know why? They're really really well built. These things were made to outlast nuclear holocaust, which I guess was on everyone's minds back then. I'm not certain (as I was born more than a decade later).

       I've found this sideboard to be particularly charming because of the scrolling returns near the feet. It's a lovely little detail that furniture makers have been adding to spice up the apron of chests of drawers in Coastal Connecticut since about 1760. Carrying on that coastal theme, I painted this sideboard the softest, most delicate shade of blue, with just the slightly tilt towards green. This is actually a color that a client selected for a very small project (Hi, Mary- this is the color for your cedar chest!), and I knew I had plenty of paint to also do something larger. And now it's my favorite color, almost ever. So here's the transformation. I trust you approve, I'm rather smitten with the sideboard myself.




  1. Anonymous9/18/2014

    Beautiful.....and just wait 'til you are a Grandma and see what "old stuff" you've accumulated. :) Laurene

  2. It never ceases to amaze me the transformation a coat of paint makes on these old pieces! A beautiful update!

  3. What a lovely transformation! And you're right, that is a gorgeous shade of blue:)

  4. wonderful transformation!

  5. love that shade of blue, especially with the orange pumpkins.

  6. Very cute! The top looks gorgeous and I love that blue. You always do good work.