Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Vintage Work Bench Turned Kitchen Island

Oh you know how I love to save old work benches and give them a second life as an island. I've done well over a dozen, and this was a favorite of mine. The transformation was so extraordinary because the bench was just so wretched before hand. Even I had second thoughts about whether or not it could be saved. I'm so delighted that I persevered though- just look at the end result! It's also nice because this work bench had so many stories to tell. On one side someone had scrawled "DUMP" in pencil. There were measurements and calculations jotted all over it. When I pried the old laminate top off I found a neatly rendered floor plan schematic.
       I started by washing the bench thoroughly, then sanding down any surface that was getting painted. I added a new pine top, shelf, and support for the shelf. I custom mixed the stain to be a warm medium wood tone, and the paint is fresh crisp white.


  1. This piece turned out very nice. Love the wood finish!

  2. Very nice-love the wood and the white!