Thursday, July 3, 2014

Stunning Storage

Firstly, I've been busy as a bee working on furniture, and I might have a new and exciting announcement in the next couple weeks as well. I promise to have some photographs of new stuff to show you by tomorrow. For today though, let's talk about all the pretty ways you can tidy up your space and store away that clutter.

The ultimate in storage. This vintage industrial shelving unit would be fabulous in a mudroom. 

I love the beautiful midnight blue of this basket. Baskets make perfect kindling carriers.

This stack of antique boxes is as much sculptural as it is functional storage

An absolutely outstanding stack of antique pantry boxes. 

Vintage style boxes make perfect planters- or use them instead of wrapping paper to give an ultra chic hostess gift. 

I'd use this as a jewelry box- perhaps I'd actually be able to keep my necklaces organized for more then one minute.

This mint green 19th century cupboard is really fantastic. The make-do drawers up the side are adorable and quirky. 

I think I'll try this paint finish on a cupboard soon. I love the look of it.

This vintage glass door cupboard allows the home owner to show off her collection, while still keeping it corralled. 

And finally this breath taking antique table top cupboard in a brilliant emerald green in the perfect counterpoint to the soothing cream of the iron stone collection within. 

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