Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Redecorating the Front Porch

A few weeks ago I gave my kitchen a little face lift- swapped out the island, added a big hutch, changed out the decorative accessories. Well that got me itching to do a little bit more decorating, and the front porch was firmly in my sights. It all started with swapping out the vintage duncan phyfe settee for something velvet. I tried a gold settee first, but the color was just too bright, so I sold that one and bought a goooorgeous emerald green antique one. I used that piece as the inspiration starting point for the rest of the re-do. So here's a couple pics of what the porch looked like, and then a bunch of pictures of what it looks like as of this morning.

Now as soon as we have some spare $$ we're must MUST replace that horrid industrial carpet with some nice pine floors.



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