Friday, July 4, 2014

A Postal Cabinet Island

This was such a fun project. The cabinet itself was spotted by one of my clients, and she asked if I could turn it into a kitchen island for her. The piece has great bones, so it was just a matter of dressing it up a bit. The paint is custom mixed chalk paint with Benjamin Moore's Plymouth Rock as a base. I added the top and the moldings. I left the interior in a natural. So why am I calling it the postal cabinet? Well as I was cleaning out the inside I found a vintage USPS glove, and the crumpling remains of some old stamps. The cabinet was hand made of pine and oak, and judging by the hardware I'd say it's c.1890-1915. I also created a base framework below the cabinet to hike it up to island height.
Before and afters below!
I hope you have a happy and festive Independence Day!!

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