Monday, July 28, 2014

Flea Market Finds and New Acquisitions

It had been three weeks since I'd last gone to the flea market, and I skipped Brimfield because I just had too much to do at home. Needless to say I was seriously in need of a fix by yesterday morning. Though the weather was fine enough, there was a significant threat of storms within a few hours, so the vendor turn out was rather low. I still managed to snag several things that I'm very excited about.

I spotted this c.1870 antique cottage pine chest of drawers and fell in love immediately. The gold grain painting on the sides is original, though some damn fool tried, poorly, to strip it from the drawer fronts and top. Regardless, it's a gorgeous piece with dramatic scrolled apron, original pulls, and handsome proportions. I also bought two really sweet pieces of stone wear from the same vendor. I then bought a nice c. 1910 oak tall chest with cut glass drawer pulls. Here's a naughty secret-  I'm 99% certain I'm keeping both these pieces for myself. Sorry guys, but sometimes I like to keep this stuff!
Finally I got a pretty oil landscape with all the best Autumn colors. I bought it straight from the artist for $5. I felt bad as I think it's worth far more than that, but she seemed pleased so- I guess that's good!

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  1. Oh, I am swooning for the tall white dresser, I love it!!