Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reading Nooks

I've just started re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring for the zillionth time. I love Tolkien- I'm a big big nerd for it. I'm trying to allow myself a little time every evening to just relax and read. Remember that green vintage settee I bought before Christmas? It's my favorite little reading nook. We have it kitty cornered and tucked under the eaves in the master bedroom. Just a little side table and a reading lamp. It's fabulous, though I do wish there was an ottoman as well.
        Reading nooks take up very little space, and are like a little vacation spot in your home. They're a place where you can go, shut the world out, and relax just a bit. All it really takes is a chair/couch/daybed/window seat, and a little lamp table if you're feeling exceptionally ambitious. Everyone should have a reading nook.
Here are some of my favorites:
This reading nook is energizing and chic with a bold citrus color palette.

Gorgeous and obviously comfy, this may be the ultimate reading nook. If I'm not mistaken, that's a view of the ocean out that window. How lovely.

Taking advantage of the beautiful architectural detail of the antique house, this nook is tucked into a huge bay window. The mid century mod furniture balances the formality of the space.

ooooo. Remember summer? I barely do. It seems like it'll never come again. Look at this fantastic outdoor reading spot. So romantic.

This little reading nook is tucked into it's very own room with doors and all. It's pretty enough with the doors open, but I do wonder if it would be a little claustrophobic with the doors shut.

Vintage industrial is such a great look. This handsome reading nook has a day bed and pillows,  making it also functional as a napping spot.

Just a handsome armchair in a corner- this is the bare basic reading nook, but the detail makes it beautiful all the same.

Eclectic and retro, this reading nook has a handsome hanging lamp, candles, and lots of fresh plants. Really the whole space is awesome. 

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