Thursday, February 14, 2013

Decorating with Branches

Last week I went outside just before the snow storm hit and cut a bunch of branches off one of my forsythia bushes. I knew I was going to need some blooming flowers to get me through the hard winter weather. They're now in full bloom on my dining room table, and look spectacular. I love blooming branches- forsythia, quince, magnolia, cherry. They're so Springy and cheerful. They're basically foolproof to arrange, and always look so dramatic. You can do equally well with bittersweet, or just leafy fall branches in other seasons. I've even been known to arrange just bare branches in a vase for fall. Here are some pretty branch arrangements. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day.
These giant cut branches make a bold statement in this vintage living room. It almost give the impression of sitting in a little forest glade.

Stunning dogwood branches add romance to this simple window seat.

A beautiful arrangement of all the blooming branches your heart could desire here.

Nice a simple, a couple branches in a clear vase add spring charm to this pretty room.

These tall branches take full advantage of the impressive high ceilings. 

For an Autumn spread, these branches bring in the rich colors of fall.

A sweet little tea party on a beautiful white farm table. I really like the vintage pickle jar that holds the branches.

A great solution to add green to your home without bothering with house plants- just bring in a few cut branches from the nearest tree.

Such a gorgeous vignette. The gnarled wood, twisted branches, and geodes are all fascinating.

A vase full of cherry blossoms bring softness to a modern industrial kitchen.

Even in the tropics, a vase of branches, or in this case palm fronds, can give a space a quick easy bit of greenery.

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