Sunday, February 24, 2013

Antiquing in Maine: Part 1

I drove up to Maine on Thursday night to view my mom's museum exhibit on schoolgirl needlework of the 18th and 19th century. It's an incredible exhibit that represents an immense amount of work and research. If you live in the Northern New England area, I strongly encourage you to visit it. Here's a link.
We also had a full day to spend enjoying the fabulous antique shops that line Rt. 1 in York, Ogunquit, Wells, and Kennebunkport. I think we went to something like 20 antique shops total. So. Much. Fun.
I was sure to bring along my camera so you could enjoy the fun with me. This is the highlights tour, stuff that caught my eye, stuff that I would buy if I were a millionaire. I took a lot of pics, so I'm dividing it into two posts. I did my fair share of shopping too, and in part 3 I'll show you what I bought.

The weather channel was predicting up to a foot on snow for Connecticut today, but instead it's just raining lightly. I'm so relieved, and I really think we've got Winter on the run now. Spring will be here any moment!!
A stunning piece of architectural salvage. The was about 3 feet long and so ornate!

I want a vintage painter's palette SO BADLY but this one was over $300, so I couldn't have it.

I've always admired these vintage riddling racks. I'm sure I drink enough wine to fill one up in a few months.

Gorgeous antique sign.

I loved this random antique fawn sculpture. I can't imagine what it was originally used for, but it was so folky and charming. 

The colors of this antique oil painting were incredible in person.

I'd never seen anything like this before. The spent sheets from stamped cutlery. How cool would these be as wall art in a modern/industrial kitchen!

Another stunning antique oil painting. Every single one I saw was upwards of $400,  so I had to suffice with just admiring them, rather than buying.

Loved this architectural salvage lamp.

Beautiful antique lantern- I think it was zinc.

I loved this antique Federal bull's eye mirror. It was so classic and nautical.

A fabulous mid 19th century spencerian drawing.

This was a great booth filled with all kinds of interesting gary antiques. 

Another great early 19th century landscape painting. 
This zinc whale weathervane was a nice small size, maybe 2 feet from nose to tail. 

You may be seeing a theme here. I was really liking all the impressionist oil landscapes.

Such a handsome pig weathervane. He was several thousand dollars, and worth every penny.

Another pretty landscape painting. It just looked like such a perfect summer day. 

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