Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Black Painted Dining Chairs

It's funny how inspiration hits sometimes. Yesterday I had a client come to pick up a dining set that they purchased last week. You may remember it- the beautiful mahogany one? I've included a picture below. It was so cold outside, and my workshop was so cluttered that I brought the chairs into the kitchen for them to pick up. I stood back and realized that the black dining chairs looked gorgeous in my house. Really really awesome with my decor and color scheme. Now, my collection of five antique school house chairs are in need of a new paint job, especially since I never really finished painting them cream the first time. I'm pretty certain I'm going to paint the chairs, and the two vintage barstools in my kitchen black. I've been wanting to integrate more black into the decor, to ground it and cut down on the light green and yellow a bit. Everyone shouted at me when I wanted to paint the antique red windsor bench black, so I can't bring black in that way. I think black dining chairs and barstools will be chic and fresh.
Here are my dining chairs currently, the mahogany dining set that inspired me, and some other pretty black chairs.
Here are my chairs in the fall. At this point they were all different colors. I painted them with one quick coat of tan about a month later.

Let me tell you, these black antique dining chairs looked smashing in my house.

Super cool Eames style chairs compliment a phenomenal painting here.

Simple classic chairs and a rugged dining table are a perfect combination in this dining room.

Again, I love the black dining chairs with the rustic wood table. So pretty!

A modern and eclectic take on the black dining chairs and natural wood dining table here.

Even in a luxurious over the top settings like this one, black painted dining chairs are superb.

A beautiful dining room that combines many elements cohesively. So charming!

I love that marble table, and the bentwood black chairs are fabulous too.

All different styles of dining chairs are united with black paint, and surround a modern white table here.

This looks straight from some ultra chic vineyard. Very cozy.

An elegant bowback windsor in black looks wonderful with this classic turned leg farm table.

Another set of beautiful bentwood dining chairs with a stunning marble table. I love this space.

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