Thursday, February 7, 2013

Decorating with gold mirrors

I've been really digging antique gold framed mirrors lately. I've got a couple nice antique gold picture frames, but up until last night I didn't have any antique gold mirrors. I think they're the perfect way to add a little sophistication and sparkle to a room, without going too frou-frou. I really like the mirrors in more rustic country settings. There's something so appealing about the juxtaposition of the decadent gold mirror surrounded by more humble objects- as if it's the one grand indulgence. The subtle sheen of the antique gold looks especially fine when paired with rich aged woods. Either way, these antique mirrors are gorgeous in almost every space they grace. Here are some of my favorites. I'll be posting in just a bit about my new antique gold mirror as well.
Happy Thursday!
This space is refined and peaceful. The beautiful antique mirror adds just the right amount of interest.

With staggering proportions, this giant gold mirror sets a dramatic and glamorous stage in this dining room. The rest of the furnishings have been kept muted and sparse, making the room feel elegant without being fussy.

I bet this mirror is so stunning when that lamp in front of it is turned on at night- all twinkle and sparkle. The room is a brilliant combination of modern, masculine, and feminine- and still feels fully cohesive.

This upstairs hallway is so beautiful. I love all the antique gold mirrors hung in every which way, and the stunning crystal chandelier. 

See, this is just what I meant- look at how beautiful this over the top antique mirror is when partnered with those rough exposed beams just above it. It's a careless beauty that's so hard to replicate.

This antique mirror is very much the style of the one I purchased last night. The owner has left it un-restored, embracing the delicacy and beauty of the chipped gesso.

A large ornate mirror over the mantle in this eclectic living room is the perfect finishing touch.

Another nice example of a beautiful gold mirror in an otherwise rustic space. The fern fronds by the window are gorgeous. I love the bright gold color of the mirror too- with a bit more yellow undertone than some- very pretty.

The scale of this antique mirror is incredible. It must have originally been hung in some immensely grand mansion. It's breathtaking as the world's fanciest headboard.

All other decor has been edited out to show off the beautiful bed and the beautiful mirror. It makes for a restful space.

Looooove this mirror over this antique pedestal sink. This bathroom is so fabulous!

You can get the glamour and shine of gold mirrors without going hog wild with a floor to ceiling one. Here, just a handful of sweet little mirrors have been hung artfully over an antique white washstand.

I love the relaxed feel of this fancy mirror just leaning against the wall on the mantel. It's accompanied by a second teensy gold framed piece. The color of the frames has been picked up by the handsome drapes. 

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