Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why Not a Mantle?

I see antique mantles from time to time on craigslist or at the flea market. My first thought is "Who are these miscreants who are removing their original antique mantles from their homes?!?!". But for my sanity's sake, let's all pretend the mantles are being rescued from homes being razed because they are no longer structurally sound. Let's pretend that.
Anywho, mantles. I would love to put one up in my house, but I truly do not have a logical spot. We have a real mantle around our fireplace in the family room, so that will have to suffice. But if you want to add some architectural snazz and charm to your house/apartment/condo why not put up an antique mantle? They're fairly cheap to buy, very easy to install, and look great!
A fun twist on the faux fireplace - make one with brick! This looks so original and permanent. I love it!

Add infinite antique charm to your bathroom with a mantle. The bathroom looks sooooo luxurious!

I would just like to point out that I would battle rabid dragons for that mirror. Just sayin. 
A peaceful little reading nook gets some oomph with an antique chippy paint mantle

The homeowners built this mantle in their dining room from scratch. I love the juxtaposition of old style, new materials. It feels very fresh.

Cheeky and cute, a little chalk paint and you have an instant roaring blaze!

The mantle here blends so well with the beachy tones and decor.

A stunning formal antique mantle gets a new home in the front hall of an antique farmhouse here.

A new twist on the stack of logs in the fireplace,  this mantle has been filled with cross cut logs. Very pretty.

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