Thursday, December 13, 2012

Greenhouse Desire

For me, the ultimate peaceful retreat is a greenhouse. I'm a mediocre gardener at best, but there's something I've always loved about greenhouses. They smell earthy and rich. They're usually humid (I love humid), and no matter what the weather is outside, they're full of life, of green. So wonderful. I've decided that when I get my forever home, it must have a greenhouse, or one must be constructed. The ones that are attached to the house are ideal so you can go in there in the morning with your cup of coffee and interior design magazine, and enjoy all the beautiful plants. It should have a fountain too. All the best greenhouses have fountains. It's cold and dark outside, so let's look at some warm and bright greenhouses!

I love the verdigris on the old copper roof of this greenhouse. The ivy growing up the side makes it even more inviting. This would look soooo cute out behind my cottage!

Over flowing with exotic plants and terra-cotta, this greenhouse is everything it should be.

Just like heaven. I love the old stone floors, the chair, the table (look at that table!!!) the big windows, the FULL SIZE PALM?! And it's misty inside there. How incredibly perfect.

The herringbone brick pattern is lovely in this little greenhouse. I adore the blue green cloches too.

A greenhouse of a generous size like this one can accommodate a full dining table with room to spare. How wonderful would it be to throw a dinner party in here.

I love the architectural detail of this one. I bet it's gorgeous on the inside.

Another fabulous antique table holding many beautiful plants here.

There's a wild, secret garden-esque feel to this greenhouse that makes it intriguing and alluring.

And then you can fill your greenhouse with beautiful things like these antique copper saucers.

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