Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Upholstered Armchair

I see so many fabulous single antique armchairs in my travels from flea market to flea market and tagsale to tagsale. Upholstering, I think, is a very daunting task, that very few of us want to undertake. That's why I have the greatest respecting for you crafty people who can upholster. A little paint, and some new fresh fabric, and the transformations of these chairs are beyond extraordinary! I would love to get one to put in the upstairs guest room someday. Here are some beautiful examples. Happy Wednesday!
Beyond decadent, this armchair has all the bells and whistles and looks like it came fresh out of Versailles. 
I love the casual air to this armchair, reminds me of a bouquet of dried flowers. It looks like the perfect place to sit and sip white wine...but then again I think just about anywhere is the perfect place to sit and sip white wine.

First, this looks immensely comfortable with that big fat cushion. Second, it's the kind of chair that could go anywhere, fit with any decor, a universally appealing chair.

Now you couldn't put this in a room where there's already a lot going on, but if you had relatively simple decor in a space, and then tucked this into a corner, genius. I could picture this in some super chic London flat.

quirky and cute, this armchair has great lines and amusing upholstery. Yes it could go in a kids room, but it would also be hilarious in an office.
 I hate math and numbers, so it could never come into my house though.

I adore gray and orange together. When we first bought our house I tried doing our porch in gray and orange. The gray wall color (Irish Mist) remains, but the orange only lasted a few months as it clashed with the rest of the house. This chair is super cute though.

Unapologetically yellow. That's the way to do it. Go big or go home. The pillow and chair are so perfect together too. 

And, of course, you could do an entire fleet of upholstered armchairs at a dining table. This entire space is so lovely,  and it makes me think it might be time to do a post on vintage inspired wall paper, which I believe will be very big in 2013...if the world doesn't end next week, that is.

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