Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Always Wanted a Crystal Chandelier

Do you have things that you've always wanted, always admired, but for whatever reason never purchased? That's how crystal chandeliers are for me. I want one sooo badly, but I have exactly 0 places to hang it, so I've always just admired from afar. Someday, when I have my big old house and rooms upon rooms, and 12ft ceiling in all those rooms, I'm going to hang crystal chandeliers in several of the guest rooms. Until then, staring longingly at pictures will have to suffice. What have you always wanted but never purchased?
Happy Wednesday!
Infinitely elegant, this bedroom melds chippy old doors with a massive drop crystal chandelier.

There is something so reserved and refined about this muted bedroom. Swedish blues and neutrals create a restful space, and the antique chandelier adds just the right amount of sparkle.

I love this dining room. The exceptional architectural remnants that casually lean against the wall balance the formality of the ruffled seat covers and chandelier.

An absolutely stunning bathroom. I love the three matching mini chandeliers, but I can tell you that the tv would drive me crazy. I'd take it down immediately.

Another gorgeous space here. The large powder blue armoire and antique chandelier are simply perfect together. 

And finally, a beautiful living room. This space is so smashing. I love the Mora clock, the chippy french bistro chair, and I actually have teal blue seltzer bottles on my Christmas List this year. But why would you leave your violin on the floor?

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