Thursday, December 27, 2012

Early Spring Flowers

I don't really like all. And I'm always happy to get the holidays over with because it feels like we're that much closer to spring. The Valentine's Day stuff is already out in the grocery store, and pretty soon the Pottery Barn early spring catalog will be out too. One of the best way's to get rid of the post holiday blues is to spruce up the house with a cheerful vase full of Spring flowers. By the beginning of February, I can usually force great big bushels of forsythia from the shrubs out back. Until then, I might buy a couple doze tulips from time to time. Here are some pretty Spring flower arrangements. I hope your holidays have been pleasant so far!
Quince branches in an antique iron stone vase looks so inviting next to the bath.

A casual vintage living room gets a little hint of spring with a pretty vase of yellow tulips

Such a lovely little dining arrangement. The pink tulips look fabulous with the white and gray tablecloth.

A bright yellow bunch of forsythia looks perfect in this retro kitchen.

A formal library gives a nod to Spring with a couple bouquets on a gorgeous white pedestal table.

Love this kitchen. Tulips, forsythia and white marble all looking so clean and bright.

This retro kitchen dining space has a wonderful bunch of orang and red tulips. The pears complement the tulips so nicely, and those chairs are superb. 

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