Tuesday, November 1, 2011

White shelves in the kitchen

When I took down the wall in the kitchen, there were two things I pictured the entire time we labored on the floor, the gaping holes in the walls, the wiring (what a mess!)- a kitchen island (you've seen that post), and vintage white shelves. Well I had the kitchen island before the kitchen was even finished. It took me months to find just the right shelves. I needed a pretty specific size, as I wanted to mount the shelves between two windows. I didn't want anything too country cute (no carved hearts etc), and, if possible, I wanted vintage ones. If there is one thing I've learned, it's that patience pays off at the flea market. I'm getting better at waiting for the right item (after settling too soon on things, and then finding one I like better down the road).
      Sometime around July I found the perfect pair. They're solid with wonderful rounded corners, the perfect size, probably date from the 1930s-40s, and just needed to be painted white. The best part? $4 for the pair! They were easy to mount and are so cute. I like to rotate what's on them based on the season. The pictures I've included are from my halloween decor. You'll get to see them with holiday decor in a few days when I post on the whole houses's new holiday look.
The trick is to keep the items on the shelf fairly similar and organized, or you'll end up with the dreaded wall clutter. It's a great way to display collections, and you can usually fit a set of shelves in just about every kitchen. Here are some options!
The combination of bead board, white cabinets and shelves, and the tremendous farmhouse sink equates to vintage kitchen perfection!

No wall space? You can always put the white shelves under the counter too.

These white shelves make the ideal display spot for a collection of stoneware mixing bowls and vintage mint green dish ware. 

I love the one long shallow shelf. It keeps a fairly petite kitchen from feeling crowded.  And the kitchen island is fabulous. 

The ornate shelf brackets and display of victoriana gives this kitchen a vintage butler's pantry feel. And those counters are so pretty. 

This rustic kitchen is balanced by a classy collection of cut glass decanters, sitting comfortably with the humbler kitchen accoutrements. 

Somewhere between vintage and modern lies retro. This is the cleanest and freshest I've ever seen a retro kitchen look. 

Milk glass on white shelves creates texture without clutter.  The chandeliers add drama while the utilitarian island keeps things from getting too frou from. 

One of the best kitchens I've seen in a long time. The chairs are my favorite green. The chunky white table serves as both an eating space and island. The band of dove gray paint setting off the white shelves is pure genius. But let me tell you (and I know from experience) white painted floors in a kitchen are impossible. I had to wash mine every three days and it made me crazy. 
And here are my little shelves. When I got them they were unpainted- so I threw some white trim paint on them. We've got extra drinking glasses, a vintage mixing bowl, an antique butter mold, and vintage and new jars on the top shelf. 

and a wider shot. The dark bookcase (which I found the side of the road and stripped and stained) is too heavy for the space, and will be placed by something lighter colored and cottage-y for the Holiday decor. 

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