Monday, November 7, 2011

Coffee tables with character

So, if you've been following my blog, you've seen my coffee table in a previous post (with the awesome "matching" side table I created for it). Well, that's just one of my three coffee tables. I also have a long enclosed porch on the front of my house that has two seating areas, both with their own coffee table. On one side is a c. 1870 wood and metal steamer trunk, on the other side is a c. 1730 blanket chest with bootjack legs. Both work great at coffee tables, both provide the extra storage that my drawer-less family room coffee table cannot offer. I really like the idea of an item repurposed to be a coffee table, especially a vintage table that's been cut down. (though you are only allowed to use this if you find a table with some serious leg issues. DO NOT cut the legs off a perfectly good antique table). Blanket chests, boxes, steamer trunks- and a card catalog. It's amazing what you can turn into a functioning and fabulous coffee table.
This is so gorgeous. I love the entire room!

A repurposed chicken crate of all things. So clever!

Also awesome- I would have never thought to use a card catalog- imagine how useful all those littles drawers would be.

A steamer trunk adds some classic flare to this room.

You can find these blanket chests at almost any flea market or antique store, often for less than a new coffee table. They were painted in all sorts of beautiful colors and are a so perfect as a coffee table. 

I'm such a sucker for anything with a marble top. This vintage and refurbished coffee table is so stunning.
Here are some great choices~

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