Monday, November 7, 2011

Current Projects

We've been working diligently on insulating our second floor in preparation for turning it into a finished living space in the next year. Insulating 16 foot cathedral ceilings is about as easy juggling flaming chainsaws, and about as safe. So that put a pretty big damper on all my furniture projects for last week. Combine that with the fact that most of the state of Connecticut had no power (no power= limited craigslisting) and I've really accomplished very little in November thus far.

But I have not been entirely useless. As winter steadily approaches, my sources of vintage and antique furniture will all but dry up. I've been working hard to build up an inventory of projects that I can work on until the tagsale/fleamarket season starts up again next spring. On this front I did VERY well last week. I picked up two awesome 18th century chairs off craigslist on Tuesday (one I'm keeping, one I'm giving to my mom). On Thursday I found a listing on craigslist for a load of free vintage furniture on the other side of the state. I hustled over there and scored two awesome matching side tables, an antique round oak dining table, a DATED April 1915 mahog veneer sideboard (keeping), four vintage pine dining chairs, and a small oak pedestal kitchen table. On Friday morning I went to a tagsale and got two amazingly cute chippy paint vintage chairs. Then on Saturday morning I chased another craigslist posting across the state and landed an awesome vintage solid oak round pedestal table with for matching windsor chairs (for free!). And THEN I went to the flea market on Sunday and got a really cute vintage maple night stand for $5.

vintage pine chairs. They're gonna get painted black gloss- which should make the cute and cottage-y rather than grimy and dated.

Oak drop leaf dining table. Staining the top dark and painting the base to match the chairs- so we'll have a set.

This is a the amazing antique solid oak table. I keep going back and forth on wether to paint it white or not- or just the base? Stain the top darker? 

the surface on these chairs was so great already that I considered leaving them alone- but then, I decided to paint them the lightest freshest dove gray- and I'm painting a console that I've had for a while to match. 

Just picture it light soft gray with the two matching chairs on either side, some bottles of wine and a rosemary topiary on top, and vintage ironstone platters held below. PERFECT.

SOOOOO needless to say, my workshop is packed to the rafters with upcoming projects and I am dying to get started. But what do i do yesterday with my day off? Decorate for holiday. So I'll start my projects tonight. Here are some of my recent finds in the raw. I'll include after pics when they're done!

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