Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blue and green

This is going to make you laugh- but I'm already thinking hard about my spring decor. All this past summer I was buying vintage painted pieces of furniture in beautiful shades of teal, turquoise, light green, and soft blue. They didn't fit with my theme for the end of the summer, autumn, or Christmas, but that's fine because I'm saving them for my early spring decor- which is going to be inspired by the colors of water. The painted furniture will be one facet of this design, another will be my collection of antique blue and green vessels.
I've been collecting these pieces for about six years now, and can usually snag about five good items a year- which is to say I have quite a few now. That's a good thing though, because the impact is in the grouping here. When I get my spring decor out (I put it up the week between Christmas and New Years) I'll take some nice shots of my personal pieces. But here are some other great examples in rooms that I love~
I've only seen a few antique seltzer bottles in my travels. A collection like this is enviable. 

Just the hint of turquoise glass adds airiness to this entry way

I've decided I'm collecting vintage japanese glass floats now. I don't own one yet- but I intend to change that very soon.

An entire vignette of blue and green vessels. So pretty with the spring branches!

Generally, I think the smaller glass bottles can get a little fussy- here with the light behind them and the simple flower blossoms, harmony. 

Whatever it takes- I will be re-creating this as my dining room centerpiece come spring. So divine.

And more floats because I am now officially obsessed. I love it with the votives. Coastal and fascinating. 

This collection is very similar to my own examples, though these are from Pottery Barn and cost a fortune, and mine are real and cost under $20 each.

This room fully sums up the look I will be going for come January. Refreshing, bright, crisp, everything you need to start the new year off on the right foot!

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