Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What kind of Christmas are you?

There are a lot of choices for styles and themes out there when it come to Holiday decor. As you know from a previous post- this year I went with Botanical Christmas as my theme. There were two primary reasons for this choice: 1. I really really like botanical themed anything. 2. It matched the decor of my house well. I recommend always referencing those two guidelines when considering your holiday decor. It's your chance to take whatever style you like, and crank it up 100 degrees...but it's got to match the style of your baseline decor. It's very hard to put very modern christmas decorations in a classic colonial, and vice versa. You're probably starting to think about your holiday decor around this time, it's right around the corner. Here are a bunch of different Christmas themed houses. I'd love to see some of yours!
Shabby Chic Christmas. Love this kitchen! 

 Coastal Christmas- lots of pastels. So pretty!

Country Christmas- rustic and warm and cozy.

Modern Christmas. You gotta love those white silhouette animals!

Retro Christmas- funky and festive.

Another more traditional coastal Christmas.

Elegant Christmas.

Funky Christmas- I bet these guys throw good parties. You can tell just form their decor.

LOVE this one. I'd call this eclectic Christmas. The jewel tone greens and blues are simple stunning. I think I may do this theme next year. Spectacular!

Rustic Christmas. Look at the beautiful architectural element over the fireplace. It really ties the whole space together.

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