Monday, November 28, 2011

What I want now: antique quilts and bedspreads

Long the fodder of the *shudder* country cute home designers, antique quilts, coverlets, and bedspreads are now making a reappearance in much more modern cottage style homes. I just bought an amazing power blue chenille spread from the 1930s at a tag sale two weeks ago for $12. It fits a queen size bed, is in perfect condition, and is so light and delicate. In the spring I'm going to re-decorate our entire bedroom around it.
     You don't just have to use these covers on beds, however, folded and draped, hung, or placed at the foot of the bed, they're a great way to add a pop of folk art, color, and whimsey to your home. I see them frequently at flea markets and tag sales for $20 or less. If you're paying $50, you're paying too much. Please buy these pieces of textile art and give them a good home- there's a whole group of people out there who think its a good idea to cut them up and make pillows and stuffed animals and God knows what- and that, my friends, is criminal.
The colors of the quilt tie together the entire room. 

I love an old outdoor chair- stack it with vintage quilts and I'm beyond smitten. Just picture this against a wall in a sweet guest room. Stunning.

The antique crazy quilt is the star of the show here- and rightly so- it's spectacular.

You are only allowed to use a vintage quilt as a table cloth if you are incredibly careful! But isn't it chic!

Breathtaking- a blast of color in a subdued interior space. 

The bold vintage textiles add to the eclectic light hearted fell of this room. It just screams- pull up a chair, have a glass of wine, and read a good book. 

up under the eaves, this space, vintage quilt included, is the ideal guest hideaway

A take no prisoners approach to florals- this space is so pretty without being overbearingly sweet. The cheeky vintage quilts and art work give the room a carefree feel. If you could turn a spring morning in May into a room, this would be it.

Despite the vintage elements (bench, quilt) this space is thoroughly modern, but inviting and upbeat. I'm gonna take a guess that this is the bedroom of an early riser. 

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