Monday, November 28, 2011

What I've gotten lately

Well I think, sadly, that the flea market/ tag sale season has officially come to and end. I've built up a massive inventory of 'projects' to keep me busy during the dark cold horrible winter months (can you tell I'm a summer person?). Surprisingly, I was able to score some pretty cool things last weekend at the last tag sale and flea market. Check 'em out below~

This wonderful set of five teacups and saucers for $3

close up of the pretty delicate vine pattern

Three boxes of vintage glass Christmas balls. I love them because their bright blue color has faded to the softest teal tone, and they're different colors depending on how much sun they were exposed to, giving them a gorgeous ombre effect. $13 for the three boxes

A pair of solid oak side tables- will get refurbished and placed up on craigslist.

This AMAZING vintage workbench. It would be just perfect for a kitchen once I clean it up. I'm trying to decide what to do on the top- butcher block? marble? I'd love to try zinc, or maybe just sand down the existing boards and then sand and poly them.

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