Friday, September 30, 2016

A Vintage Cabinet in Pale Gray and Linen

There's something decidedly chinoiserie about this big 1970s vintage cabinet. It's regal and wild and and so wonderfully over the top. I spotted it at the Cromwell ReStore a few weeks ago and knew it was perfect perfect for one of my best clients, right up his alley. I texted him a picture and he agreed. So I hauled this sucker home (it weighs approximately as much as three elephants carrying seven overweight camels). We went with a pale gray exterior and a linen interior, a color scheme he's been doing a lot lately for the custom pieces. It's peaceful and sophisticated and really lets the ornate architecture of the cabinet speak for itself. I heavily distressed the detail work before sealing with dark wax. We opted to keep the original amazing hardware (how could we not!) but recolored it in copper. The movers should be swinging by to pick it up any moment now, hopefully before the rains start in.

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