Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Pretty Pair

One last blog post for tonight, and since the other two were basically novellas, perhaps I can keep this one brief. Jess texted me last week because she'd found a nice pair of side tables at her local goodwill (who's pricing is far more reasonable than my own chapter). Side tables are always good sellers so I agreed she should snap them up on my behalf. Last Friday night I pick up the side tables and dropped off her new coffee table. By that time I'd actually already lined them up for a custom sale to another favorite client of mine who was searching for just such a set. Sometimes The Furniture Gods smile upon us poor souls.

        I didn't realize until I picked them up how exceptionally fine they happened to be. Solid cherry all the way through!! Beautifully built, I suspect they're of Amish make. It was honestly a delight to refinish them, and especially because my client had such an excellent vision for their design. She opted for a deep orange leaning towards red, a color I never ever get to use, and wanted Art Deco inspired feathers on the top, a challenge I readily accepted. She texted me a couple inspiration photos on the feathers but left the color decision up to me. Can I tell you how much it means to me when clients trust my ability to do what's best for a piece of furniture. There really aren't words.

             So here's the inspiration photos for the feathers:

 And here's what I hand painted for her:

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