Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dear Garth's, You're Killing Me

I hate this weather. Loathe, abhor, despise, that sums up my non thesaurus-ed angry words, but you get the gist. It's so damp and chilly and useless, it's like stepping out of the shower on an icy morning and realizing you only have a damp towel with which to dry off. I suspect this is what Scotland is like 95% of the time. It's a damn good thing it's pretty over there, cause good gravy this weather is all but irredeemable.

       Ok, that's my weather rant. This wouldn't be Heir and Space if I didn't start at least 65% of my blog posts with a weather whine. On to happier things. Are you cooped up inside, all but clawing at the walls today, or is that just me? I know it's not just me, so let me provide a furniture-y balm for your boredom and malaise. THIS, my dear friends, is my favorite online auction catalog ever It's the best; so good in fact, that I'll just go ahead and give the mailman a heads up that I'll be expecting 'thank-you' fruit baskets and pies from all of you shortly. I did actually get chocolate covered strawberries in the mail from a blog reader once, so there's absolute precedence for this.
       Anyway, Behold the glory that is amazing original 19th century painted furniture. You thought my stuff was good, but I am a despicable imposter who's meager efforts pale in comparison to these masterpieces of painterly craftsmanship. I envy all of you who live close to Garth's and can buy these goodies, as their furniture usually goes for very reasonable prices. For the rest of us poor souls, we must internet window shop and sigh and gasp at lot after lot of grain painted wonderment. I'm waxing obnoxiously poetic, but really, sweet Mary this is some sexy furniture. I pinned the stuffing out of this catalog to my 'furniture inspiration' page on Pinterest.

         The real take away here is, stop living in white and gray houses. Paint your furniture fun colors- look at all the crazy options! Our great great great grandparents totes had the right idea- when it comes to furniture, bold and bright is the bomb. Also, I'm a geek who spends hours zooming in on the pictures to study the wear patterns to improve my distressing techniques. Try the zoom-y function at least in the catalog. It's a hoot.
Some relevant links:

The Garth's Auction Page
The sale starts Friday October 7th at 9am.

My Pinterest Furniture Page

This most excellent puppy gif

This one's the perfect size to be a kitchen island. Just add a butcher block top! 

MUSTARD YELLOW, enough said

My new favorite color combo- palest chalk blue exterior and robin's egg interior. I need to paint a hutch this color immediately

Also- who would have thought, sophisticated navy blue on the outside; the house is on fire carmine blazing red on the interior. I LOVE it. 

The wear patterns on this one are giving me the vapors.

Ballet slipper pink and azure. OMG. 

This one's all about form for me.
Picture it in an entryway, or perfectly tucked under the eaves on the second floor of a cape.

Forever love for a chunky farm table. 

This deep hot orange-y red is my favorite color at the moment, and I hate red, so that's saying lots of somethings.

all that chippy,distressed wonderment.

This one is only 7 inches deep. I will alley-knife fight you for it. 

A fabulously irreverent mint green for an entirely utilitarian storage piece. perfection.

Child sized, and shut UP it's bow front. *faints*

This one though. This is my favorite. Look at that unflinching, uncompromising color. This piece has presence. It's not just a room maker, it's a homemaker. If you buy this, and post it once on social media, I guarantee you're gonna get a sweet feature in Country Living AND Better Homes and Gardens. 

And finally this. Which isn't a piece of furniture, but really, I think I've posted this picture about everywhere now in the last two days, it cracks me up, so. Anyone who was thinking "hmmm, what should I get Kate for Christmas this year?". This. I want this. And I want to put it in my front hall, where all my husband's piano and guitar students come in with their parents, so every single one of them asks their parents what bull seed is, and then the parents have to try and puzzle it out.

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  1. You. Slay. Me. Loved this post...especially the Bull Seed. I can envision the dazed looks on the faces of the parents. Bahaha!