Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Pine Hutch in Shades of Green

There's no two ways about it, a hutch of this size is a project and a half. But oh I love working on them, they're so satisfying when you finally finally finish and there's this giant, impressive, impactful piece of furniture to photograph and share with you.
       Even better, I got to paint this one in my very favorite palette, pale greens and cream. You can tell they're my favorite colors because it's almost precisely the color scheme of my blog background too. I've refinished this exact identical hutch once before this summer, that one also custom for a client. On the last one we went with a cream on white palette, a pale honey toned top, and simple turned wood knobs stained to match the top of the base. On this one we went with zippy shades of fresh green, a deep dark stained top, and the client choose some excellent modern polished nickel drawer pulls. I love how the modern drawer pulls counter the classic ultra traditional form of the piece, the very personification of 'Farmhouse Modern'.

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