Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Maple Sideboard in Cabernet

This stupid weather. It's driving me insane. It's been raining on and off for days, and all the storms are coming down from near Boston, a weird and unpredictable route that makes timing and gauging the radar all but impossible. I know it's the last dying bits of Hermine, and good riddance, but boy I hope it stops raining soon. It's hard to get anything done!

          I picked this lovely vintage solid maple sideboard up at the Mansfield Fleamarket on Sunday morning, and though I have many many custom pieces due for clients, I had to indulge myself just a bit and refinish it straight away. It's got the nicest oversized top and pretty arched doors, so classic and elegant. I mixed a custom paint shade for the case, a deep hue of wine red, and did the interior in a linen that leans a bit towards gray. I swapped the drawer pulls out for modern pale gold ones, for a cheeky twist to contrast against the otherwise very traditional design. I just love it, and I normally don't go in for reds!

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