Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A French Provincial Style Dining Set

I picked up this lovely dining set on Saturday at East Hampton's annual town wide tagsale, which in my opinion should be a National Holiday. It's vintage made c.1965 by Bassett Company. It has four dining chairs (two armchairs and two side chairs), the table, and a 12 inch leaf. I painted it in a custom antique white, distressed, and dark waxed, and recovered the seats with a simple matching cream upholstery. I sanded, stained, and sealed the cherry top to show off the lively wood grain. It's just so curvy and sweet, I hope it goes to a big old Victorian house!!

When I was just starting to think of how to stage the table for photography, my dear friend Amy showed up, as if by magic (which, to be fair, I'm not entirely sure Amy isn't magic) and gave me a huge batch of gorgeous chicken and duck eggs that her gals had just laid. They look perfect in the pictures and I can't wait to make huge omelets with them tomorrow morning! Thank you Amy!!!

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