Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Vintage Pine Cupboard in Mocha and Buttercream

I bought this handsome vintage solid pine stepback cupboard at the flea market last week. It's gorgeous but the golden pine felt quite outdated. I sanded the top and stained it in a deeper darker shade, then sealed it. I painted the exterior and the shelves in a custom mixed buttercream and the backboard and interior in a custom mixed mocha. I removed the awkward little fences from the bottom shelf, and swapped out the weirdly small and ugly drawer pulls for larger cove pulls that suit the scale of the piece much better. My favorite part of the cupboard is the slots for hanging wine glasses. Of all the cupboards I've refinished over the years, probably around 100, this is the one and only that I've seen with this thoughtful and handy detail. I posted a picture of the cupboard on my instagram account while I was photographing it yesterday, and it was immediately snapped up, before I even had a chance to write the blog post!

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