Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Sweet Antique Slant Front Desk

When Carl the Furniture Guy brought this desk over for me I must admit I was quite skeptical. It needed a fair amount of work, but I loved the fitted interior, so I decided to solider on.

At some point the veneer on the lid had started to come away and some well meaning owner had removed what they could and wallpapered over it. Now just the sticky backing of the paper remained. I sanded off the paper, fully intending to paint the lid along with the rest of the piece until I realized that the secondary wood for the veneer was chestnut! Too pretty and perfect to cover with paint, I sanded the lid fully, stenciled around the working lock, and stained and sealed it. I painted the rest of the exterior case in a bright nautical blue custom mixed and called 'Sail Away'. The interior is a lighter blue almost gray, also custom mixed, called 'Seaport Fog'. I distressed the piece inside and out and sealed it with dark wax. The key escutcheons, key, and elaborate stamped brass hardware are all original to the piece. One of my favorite clients snapped it up before I'd even gotten a chance to photograph the piece, and it's already in its new home in a beautiful front entry way,

And here it is in its new home!

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