Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hello Sunshine!

How can you resist this bright and cheerful antique secretary! I loved it even before it was all tricked out in cheeky colors and beautiful drawer pulls. When I saw a picture of this secretary on the webpage of one of my favorite auctions, it was all I could look at. The turned feet, elaborately shaped crest, and arched windows were so unique and beautiful. I managed to score it for a reasonable price, thanks entirely to the skills of Carl the Furniture Guy. And then imagine my delight that not only did I get the secretary for a very fair price, but that it turned out to be in perfect perfect perfect condition.
         A new client of mine spotted it on my Facebook page and we put our heads together to reinvent the piece in bold saffron hues. The exterior is darker, more saturated while the interior of the desk is several shades lighter yellow. I did two coats of a white first both because yellows always apply thin and because I wanted to add a little more dimension during the distressing process. My client selected some stunning faceted glass knobs which I spent several hours drooling over when they arrived in the mail. I can say with certainty that it's my favorite piece to date.


  1. I love it! It can just see this in a Provence-themed room - the color is just ma

  2. It turned out gorgeous - what an incredible transformation !
    I don't think I've ever painted a piece yellow in my life - this may have me trying it :)

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! You had me at yellow! Love this so much!

  4. SO love this and the cheerful yellows! Way to go bold!

  5. Beautiful job! The colors really make it!
    *found you through FFF!

  6. The secretary looks amazing!!! Love, love, love the yellow!

  7. Anonymous4/16/2015

    Wow! This is one of the prettiest pieces of painted furniture I have ever seen! Great eye!